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Current PhD Students
Anat Lubetzky-Vilnai

Anat Lubetzky-Vilnai

Why PhD in Rehab Science at UW?

  • Because of the talented and devoted people in the department
  • Flexibility: many options for research, courses
  • Because of the renowned medical center and Rehabilitation Department at UW
  • Because of Seattle: the people, the views, the coffee...even the weather

Why go interdisciplinary?

You always get to hear different opinions than yours. You get feedback from angles you have never considered. You become open minded. Important in research and in life! You have to work harder because you need to convince people outside your field that what you do is important (great practice for manuscripts submissions and grant proposals). Every research project is richer and stronger when several disciplines are involved and each researcher contributes his/her strengths.

What are your research interests?

I am interested in how the body moves and produces forces (Biomechanics) as well as how the brain controls those movements (motor control). I am also interested at how principles of normal movements should be applied to create effective rehabilitation training programs (motor learning). I would particularly like to investigate specific diagnosis tools that would guide specific interventions for people with balance problems as a result of neurologic or orthopedic lesions.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently involved in a few projects:

  1. Development of a Multi-Modal Balance Entrainment and Response testing System
  2. Sensory-motor Training to Affect Balance for Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  3. ‘Rehabilitation EMG-based Gaming’ for children with Cerebral Palsy
  4. Initial Contact in Recreational Runners: Association with Ankle Stability and Foot Morphology

What is your professional background?

I am a physical therapist, trained and practiced in Israel. I have worked a couple of years in general orthopedic rehab. Thereafter I focused on Sports Rehabilitation and worked at a private sports clinic and was the physical therapist of a professional handball team.

What are your personal interests and activities outside of school?

I love everything that is related to sports and exercise: doing, watching, and teaching. I especially love NBA basketball. I also love spending time with my beloved husband (including working in one of the great cafes in Capitol Hill, Seattle).

How have you managed funding?

I applied very close to the deadline hence paid fully for my first quarter. Starting the second quarter on I have been fully funded: three quarters as a teaching assistant at the physical therapy division and currently I have a research assistant position on an R21 NIH grant.

PhD in Rehab Science Application Deadline

The PhD Program in Rehabiliation Science accepts applications every other year. The next application deadline will be January 15, 2020.

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