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On Track Study

The On Track Study is a large, multi-site collaboration involving researchers, therapists, families, and children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) or gross motor delays and problems with muscle tone, balance, etc. such that the child could be classified as having CP, aged 18 months through 11 years, from across Canada and the US. With funding provided by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) we are currently recruiting for this study.

  • The purposes of the study are:
    1. To describe the changes in balance, range of motion limitations, strength, endurance, and physical activity; number and impact of health conditions; participation in self-care, recreation, and leisure activities; and to determine how these children progress in many aspects of their physical development and participation in daily life; and
    2. To relate the services received to the children’s developmental patterns.
  • Trained therapist assessors will measure the primary and secondary impairments on 5 occasions (6-months apart) over 2 years. Parents will complete questionnaires to track changes in the child’s endurance, health conditions, participation in self-care and recreation activities, and the services their child receives at the same data collection points.
  • We will create growth curves with the data from this study to be used by therapists and families. This will help therapists and parents monitor if a child is developing as expected in his or her physical development and participation. Then, therapists and families can collaborate to provide the services that are most beneficial and meaningful for each child and their family members. We will report this new and useful information to therapists and parents across North America.

This study is no longer recruiting.

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