Deborah Kartin, P.T., Ph.D.

Deborah Kartin, P.T., Ph.D.

Dr. Deborah Kartin is a UW professor emeritus and physical therapist in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. She is also the Graduate Program Coordinator, and Director of the PhD Program in Rehabilitation Science.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kartin is committed to incorporating an interdisciplinary perspective in her teaching. She is the instructor for a series of courses in the DPT program that includes content related to professional development, evidence-based practice, measurement, and critical analysis of the research literature. She also teaches in the core courses for the PhD Program in Rehabilitation Science.

Clinical Interests

As a physical therapist, Dr. Kartin's clinical interests include neonatal intensive care, early intervention, and pediatric developmental disabilities.

Research Interests

Dr. Kartin's research interests include the effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs, the development of postural control and balance, and cerebral palsy.




Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Medicine

Selected Publications