Torey Gilbertson, PT, PhD, DPT, PCS

Torey Gilbertson, PT, PhD, DPT, PCS

Torey Gilbertson is a physical therapist and lecturer in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. He recently received his PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Washington

Teaching Interests

Dr. Gilbertson teaches within the anatomy, pediatric physical therapy, kinesiology, modalities, and functional skills assessment courses. His teaching philosophy includes motivating learning, components of instruction to the learner’s level while challenging the learner to adapt to multiple styles of learning, and assessment appropriate to the level of learning according to Bloom’s taxonomy.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Gilbertson’s clinical expertise and interest is in pediatric physical therapy. His main clinical interests are with children with cerebral palsy and children with sports injuries.

Research Interests

Torey’s research interests are in motor learning strategies for children with cerebral palsy and use of video gaming for rehabilitation.




Physical Therapy, pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine

Selected Publications