PhD in Rehabilitation Science

Our program prepares researchers, educators, and leaders in Rehabilitation Science to contribute to the development of rehabilitation practice, research, and policy. Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that includes basic and applied research from health sciences, social sciences, engineering, and related fields. 

A diverse group of Rehabilitation Science PhD students stand together at the 2023 Lehmann Day Symposium.
Students practice molding plastic for a prosthetic around a plaster cast of a patient's leg.

Master of Prosthetics & Orthotics

The profession of prosthetics and orthotics is a specialized allied health profession that combines a unique blend of clinical and technical skills. Prosthetist-Orthotists design, fabricate, and fit orthoses (orthopedic braces) and prostheses (artificial limbs) for a broad range of individuals from pediatric to geriatric. Our program has a long history of educating leaders in the profession, ever since graduating our first class in 1972.  

Master of Occupational Therapy

Our program is ranked in the top 25 Occupational Therapy programs in the nation by US News & World Report. We offer a two-year program of rigorous academic coursework integrated with fieldwork education, within a collaborative community of learning. 

A group of OT sit around a table, talking.
A physical therapist measures the angle of a bike rider's knee.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Our program offers an exceptional, well-rounded education for students who want to graduate as physical therapy generalists. In our program, one of the top 25 in the nation according to US News & World Report, we strive to develop highly competent physical therapists who will drive innovation and excellence in the PT field.

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