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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
Selection Process

The University of Washington Division of Physical Therapy endeavors to select applicants who have the ability to become highly competent physical therapists. The Application Review Committee members use the following criteria to judge an applicant's ability to succeed in the curriculum and in the profession:

  • Academic ability as evidenced by the quality and quantity of coursework, academic performance, and GRE scores;
  • Knowledge of the nature of the physical therapy profession and demonstration of qualities consistent with the role of the physical therapist as shown by physical therapy experience, application essay, and letters of recommendation;
  • Ability to communicate as documented by letters of recommendation and demonstrated in the application itself; and
  • Involvement in constructive activities (organizations, projects, creative endeavors, other employment, honors, etc).

The Physical Therapy Advisory and Evaluation Committee of the University of Washington School of Medicine considers the recommendations of the Application Review Committee and makes the final decision on which applicants will be recommended for acceptance into the University and the Physical Therapy program.

Letters notifying students of the Committee's decision will be mailed by mid-February of each year. Entrance into the program for those recommended is contingent upon acceptance by the University of Washington Graduate School, and upon meeting the program eligibility requirements.

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