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Current Research Studies: Parkinson's Disease

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is currently conducting the following study on Parkinson's Disease:

Tandem Biking Class for Parkinson’s:

The University of Washington Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is conducting a research study on the effects of stationary tandem biking on persons with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Working with a healthy riding partner, participants will gradually increase their riding intensity and duration on a tandem bicycle during a 10-week class. Guidance will be provided in the areas of bike fitting, goal setting, and training tips for health and fitness. A physical therapist and exercise assistant will lead the class.

Three testing sessions will be held. Each session will last 2.5 hours. We will test each participant's memory, problem solving, and motor function for walking, speech and movement. We will also ask participants to ride a stationary bike for 12-14 minutes at moderate intensity.

This study is no longer recruiting. For further information about this study, please contact Ellen McGough, PT, PhD at 206.543.2681 or

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