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Current Research Studies: Project Enhance

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is currently conducting the following study on promoting healthy aging of people with long-term physical disabilities:

Project Enhance

Adapting Project Enhance, led by Ivan Molton, PhD is an evidence-based, participant-centered motivational intervention for older adults. For Project Enhance a wellness coach, typically a nurse or social worker, works with people to improve their health and wellness. In older adults, research has shown that participants in Project Enhance decrease the length of hospital stays, lower their use of psychoactive drugs, alleviate symptoms of mood disorders, and develop a sense of greater self-efficacy.
Our study will adapt Project Enhance for people aging with a long-term physical disability. We will embark on this study collaboratively and in the community with our partners at Senior Services of King County ( Of note, Project Enhance was originally developed at the University of Washington at the Health Promotion Research Center (

This study is no longer recruiting. For further information about this study, please contact research staff at 1-866-928-2114 or by email.

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