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Beyond componentry: How principles of motor learning can enhance locomotor rehabilitation of individuals with lower limb loss-A review


Sawers A, Hahn ME, Kelly VE, Czerniecki JM, Kartin D



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J Rehabil Res Dev, 49(10):1431-1442


Relatively little attention has been given to the use of well-established motor learning strategies to enable individuals with lower limb loss to effectively and safely learn to walk with their prostheses in the home and community. Traditionally, such outcomes have been pursued by focusing on the design and function of a patient's prosthesis, rather than on how he or she should learn to use it. The use of motor learning strategies may enhance physical rehabilitation outcomes among individuals with lower limb loss. This review explores these motor learning strategies and ways in which they can be applied to the physical rehabilitation of individuals with lower limb loss and highlights some of the challenges to their implementation, as well as unanswered research questions.

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