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Further development of the multidimensional pain readiness to change questionnaire: the MPRCQ2


Nielson WR, Jensen MP, Ehde DM, Kerns RD, Molton IR



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Journal of Pain, 9(6):552-565


This study describes further development of the Multidimensional Pain Readiness to Change Questionnaire (MPRCQ2), a measure of readiness to adopt a variety of pain management and coping strategies commonly taught in multidisciplinary treatment programs. Clinical samples were recruited from a Fibromyalgia Day Program (n = 139) and an Arthritis Day Program (n = 51) as well as 2 survey samples with pain resulting from either a spinal cord injury (n = 127) or an amputation (n = 120). The results indicate preliminary support for the reliability and validity of the MPRCQ2. The MPRCQ2 may be helpful in future research investigating the relationship between readiness to change pain-related coping and adoption of coping behaviors and adjustment to chronic pain.
PERSPECTIVE: This study describes the development of a revised version of the MPRCQ, the MPRCQ2, in 4 patient samples. The results support the reliability and validity of the MPRCQ2 in individuals with fibromyalgia syndrome, arthritis, acquired amputation, and spinal cord injury and improve on some aspects of the instrument.

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