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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency:
Frequently Asked Questions

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Which Hospitals and Training Centers are included in the residency program?

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What are my options for completing PGY-1 year in the Seattle area?

Please note that because we submit identical match lists for our categorical and our advanced tracks, you will need to rank BOTH if you want to potentially match to both. For example, if you only rank our categorical track, you will only be eligible for those three positions. If we fill those positions before the NRMP system reaches your name on our rank list, you will not be automatically considered for our advanced track. To be considered for both tracks, you need to rank both tracks in order of preference.

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What is it like to live in Seattle and the Northwest?

One of the greatest benefits of training at the University of Washington is the opportunity to live in a beautiful, safe, culturally diverse, and yes, often overcast, part of the country. The coffee, the salmon, and the quality of life can't be topped anywhere else! Follow the link for more information on what the Northwest has to offer.

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How can I apply as a Visiting Medical Student?

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers a four-week clerkship to fourth year visiting medical students interested in Rehabilitation Medicine. Follow the link for more information on the fourth year clerkship.

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To learn more about the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency program, please explore the links below:

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