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Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Advanced Training Fellowship in Rehabilitation Policy Research

Who should apply?
With a broad interdisciplinary focus, this program invites applicants with a PhD (or equivalent degree), from all areas of aging, health, disability, and policy research, including: psychology, nursing, social work, rehabilitation science, epidemiology, public health, health services, economics, medicine, and law. We are seeking applicants across career stages, from those with new doctoral degrees to those looking for more policy or research training mid-career.

How to apply:
The application process takes place in two stages. For the initial stage, applicants should submit the following materials directly to the Director, Dr. Molton,

  1. A 2-3 page double-spaced personal statement, describing the reasons you wouldlike to be a fellow, including your strengths and qualifications for the program, yourpreference (if any) for a particular type of policy setting placement (e.g., Congress,executive agencies, policy organizations), the specific objectives you hope toachieve from this experience and how they relate to your professional goals.
  2. Two letters of recommendation (from teachers, supervisors or mentors)
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae
  4. A sample publication

Additional Information
The deadline for the stage 1 application is March 15, 2017. Applicants who are selected to continue will complete a second application stage, due May 1st. The fellowship typically begins in September or October, although this can be flexible based on the fellow’s needs.

Additional Information is here:

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